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Food, it’s a celebration of life.  From our famous restaurant to your dinner table, Mister C’s has been a part of that celebration since 1953

Italian sausage and pepper sandwich

Roasted Bell Peppers slow cooked in Mister C's Spaghetti Sauce.
Homemade Pizza 

Simply season Mister C's Spaghetti Sauce with Oregano and top with fresh Basil
Grilled pork chops

marinated with Mister C's Italian Dressing
Lasagna (Vegetable or Meat)

Oven baked in Mister C's Spaghetti Sauce
​Pictured to the right are some simple uses for our sauce and dressing 

Mister C's products are very straight forward and contain no overbearing flavors making them very flexible in the kitchen

While taste is individual we still strive for 100% customer satisfaction in the quality of our products.

 Mister C's food was derived from a kitchen, not a laboratory
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